2020 and here we go!

1st one is Mid Illovo!

And HEADS UP!!! Brand new venue and brand new tracks!

We got a bunch of stuff that's never been ridden before and has
been ridden was when bikes had wooden wheels!

We got a main loopo f about 36 kms with alternates on all the good bits and here's a promise; some of them are GOOD!
We also got novice short cuts which would make the novice route about 25 kms, enough for the small bikes and of course we'll have the kiddies short track around the pits.

Here's a bit of footage to show you what we got
First outing

..and the next one.

Here it is!

Designs Unlimited

FAQ Time

Do we need a license to ride?
Nope, it's a funride, not a race.

What do I need?
You need a bike that runs properly, pretty please...
It's a real pain dragging bikes that have croaked through pure lack of maintenance so if
you get a grumpy marshal just say thank you.
You also need proper riding kit like helmet, boots, protective gear etc.
If you dress like a doos we won't let you ride.

What do I do when I get there?
Park nicely in the pits, remember there are a lot of guys who would like some space as well.
Head off to the nice ladies at the registration table, fill in the form PROPERLY so we know who you are
and you know what's going on and give them some bucks.
Go find the chow section and have a coffee with your mates and wait for riders briefing.

How much does it cost?
After 6 years we've had to bump the cost up to R250 for the main routes.
The kiddies short track is still R100
Please bear in mind that the money raised is not profit, it all goes back to the land owners.

What's the kak about riders briefing?
Riders briefing is where you get told about the course,
 what your options are,
what you do when things happen,
who you call when they do
and what your responsibilities are.
Seriously, this is not a joke.

What happens at the start?
After riders briefing, riders line up at the pit exit and at start time (usually 10 am)
they are allowed out in groups after their entry stickers are checked.
Riders can go out and do as many laps as they like until the course is closed.

How difficult is the ride?
We try and find something for everyone so sometimes there will be difficult sections.
We have alternate options at all difficult sections so you choose.
If you're new, do the novice bit first and if you're feeling tough, go do the tech bits.

When we finished?
You can stop riding whenever you feel like it, do 1 lap or 20, your call.
Our main concern is that you PLEASE report in when you're done and before you go home.
We don't still want to be searching for you in Afkakstein Valley at 8 pm when you're at home in the bath...

Can we bring our own booze and have a braai?
Think about that one, we're raising funds for charities and clubs.
We got catering done by the locals, we got booze being sold to raise bucks,
please don't make us come piss on your campfire.